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CTS-V Dyno Tuning

Tuning allows us to finely tune your vehicles computer to match the output of the

vehicles (often time more powerful) mechanical hardware.

Dyno Tuning takes into consideration numerous factors such as Air to Fuel Ratios,
Timing, Spark, Fuel Delivery and such to reach a balanced synergy of your vehicles
computer and its mechanical hardware.

Tuning is the only way to achieve your vehicles maximum output when utilizing
performance parts and modifications. Our tuning capabilities range from street tunes to full competition programming.

CTS-V Performance Tuning D-Tronic Performance Module

The D-Tronic Tuning Module is a 100% plug and play module that interfaces through the MAF for V-Model Cadillac Automobiles. It is a great alternative to ECU Re-Programming which makes it the perfect solution for those looking for Street
Performance Levels (ie: Intake & Exhaust) of Performance Modifications.

The D-Tronic Module is not a PCM Flash or a replacement for dyno tuning it has been manufactured to be a 100% plug and play system that interfaces with vehicle through the MAF.

   CTS-V : ~16-31HP Standalone | up to 40 w/additional power modifications
   STS-V  ~16-25HP Standalone | up to 40 w/additional power modifications
   XLR-V  ~16-25HP Standalone | up to 40 w/additional power modifications

V-PERFORMANCE Air Intake Kits for CTS-V

The V-PERFORMANCE Air Intake is the first complete air intake for the 2009-2011 Cadillac CTS-V as well as the first to feature a true ø102mm Non-Tapered mandrel bent intake pipe with all external MAF & PCV Interfaces. The D3 Intake for CTS-V features an all-aluminum construction, Laser Cut MAF Interface Plate, Genuine K&N Air Filter, and a 1pc aluminum heat shield when combined offer a phenomenal bolt on ~20HP or upwards of ~50HP when calibrated through dyno tuning.


     -Meticulous TIG Welded MAF Plate + PCV Bung
     -Genuine K&N Air Filter
     -Laser Cut MAF Interface Plate
     -External Mounted MAF + PCV Interfaces
     -ø102mm (4”) non tapered mandrel bent piping for maximum air velocity
     -V-PERFORMANCE Air Intake Pipe
     -Genuine K&N Air Filter
     -V-PERFORMANCE Aluminum Heat Shield
     -4-Ply High Temperature Silicone Couplers
     -Stainless Steel Clamps

Available Finishes: Black, Polished Chrome (Special Order) Custom colored (Silver, Red, Blue etc) finish available upon request.

V-PERFORMANCE Billet Throttle Body

The V-PERFORMANCE Billet Throttle Body is meticulously designed and flow tested in in CAD before it is machined from a solid piece of billet aluminum thus allowing the maximum amount of flow and provide as well as a 100% match to the butterfly plate.

At a massive ø102mm the V-PERFORMANCE Billet Throttle is the boss of all throttle bodies.  It is capable of supporting up to 1500 HP and is highly recommended for ultra high horse power as well as over-boosted applications.

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V-PERFORMANCE Boost Pulley Kits

    V-PERFORMANCE Boost Pulley Kit- Stage 1

    V-PERFORMANCE Boost Pulley Kit- Stage 2 

    V-PERFORMANCE Boost Pulley Kit- Stage 3

    V-PERFORMANCE Boost Pulley Kit- Stage 4

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V-PERFORMANCE Competition Radiator

V-PERFORMANCE Max Fit Intercooler / Heat Exchanger

The V-PERFORMANCE Competition Aluminum Radiator is specifically engineered to maximize cooling efficiency by boosting the engines ability to transfer heat to ambient and protect your car from overheating when pushing the performance envelope.

The V-PERFORMANCE Competition Aluminum Radiator features a lightweight aluminum core that utilizes the highest quality core materials available, with 100% brazed aluminum and robust aluminum end tanks. The V-PERFORMANCE  Competition Radiator has been designed to interface with the OEM fans and shroud making installation easy and painless.
     -All Alum. Construction full Competition Radiator
     -Fits OEM fan hardware
     -Replaces Plastic OEM Radiator
     -Pressure Tested up to 200 PSI
     -High Temperature Hose

CTS-V Racomg recommends  the use of the D3 160° Thermostat with the Competition Radiator.

V-PERFORMANCE CTS-V Differential Cooler
(’09-’12 CTS-V)

The V-PERFORMANCE Differential Cooling System has been engineered to be the most effective differential cooling system available for Cadillac CTS-V automobile. The cooling efficiency is greater than even that of its OEM counterpart.

The V-PERFORMANCE Differential Cooling System fits to the Cadillac CTS-V utilizing OEM mounting points. It does not require drilling or welding to install. Included with the kit are all parts necessary for installation and a 30 Gallon per Minute fluid pump.

V-PERFORMANCE Supercharger Lid Spacer
(’09-’12 CTS-V)

Without the spacer in place, overboosted vehicles will experience a choke inside of

the Supercharger lid. The air inside can become turbulent to the point where it starts to restrict airflow. Turbulence causes friction and heat, thus decreasing the thermal efficiency of the compressed air.

By inserting the V-PERFORMANCE spacer, the air calms down allowing the passage through the Supercharger without the unwanted turbulence. The result is a more efficient factory brick supercharger while keeping the factory unit in place rather than replacing it with a less efficient unit.  The V-PERFORMANCE Supercharger Lid Spacer will increase plenum capacity by 63 cubic inches  - significantly reducing the turbulence inside the supercharger lid and increasing raw horsepower by a Dyno proven 7.5 HP to the wheels.

The aluminum spacer has been designed in CAD and Solid Works and is CNC cut on a Haas 5 Axis CNC Mill and machined perfectly flat on each side. This comes with new mounting hardware and will clear the factory engine brace without modification.

Gains: 7.6HP on Factory Boost, Higher Output can be acheived with additional modifications + performance upgrades.

V-PERFORMANCE Transmission Oil Cooler w/Setrab Core

The V-PERFORMANCE Transmission oil coolers are designed to be used in conjunction to the OEM trans cooler (OEM is built into the radiator) to allow for a higher rate of fluid cooling thus allowing your vehicle to maintain high speeds for a longer duration of time.

The V-PERFORMANCE Transmission Oil Cooler comes as a complete kit that will bolts on to the factory crash bar and is mounted behind the upper grille. For severe heat situations (ie open track racing, and longer track days) D3 recommends upgrading to a dual core unit.

The V-PERFORMANCE Transmission oil cooler will bolt in without any cutting or modification, but if you wish to upgrade to the dual core unit (as shown in the pictures) then trimming of unseen inner parts of the bumper will be required.

     -A/N Fittings
     -Aeroquip Lines
     -Setrab Core

V-PERFORMANCE Ultracooler | Front Mount Heat Exchanger

The V-PERFORMANCE ULTRACOOLER is the world’s only Max Fit Intercooler/Heat Exchanger developed only for the 09-11 CTS-V automobile. Engineered to support over 1000 HP the ULTRACOOLER has been designed to use the largest core possible that fits within the confines of the stock front bumper ducting. The ULTRACOOLER has the ability to efficiently flow enough air to allow for your CTS-V to make over 1000 Wheel Horsepower, and is a true bolt on that replaces the OEM heat exchanger.

The Intercooler/Heat Exchanger core provides the perfect balance between heat
exchanging efficiency and air flow allowing for substantial amounts of cooling. On
ultra-high boost applications (12+ PSI) we have recorded consistent temperatures of only +10° over ambient!

     -Efficient Cooling in 1000+ HP Enviroments
     -Direct Bolt On
     -No Cutting or Welding Required
     -1 pc Construction, no clubmsy hardware to negotiate or modify
     -Bolts in place with OEM-Like Fit and Finish
     -Avionics Grade Aluminum Construction
     -Pressure Tested to 150 PSI
     -A.N. (Army/Navy) Fittings
     -High PSI Fluid Hose
     -Black D3 Logo on Right side corner


High Output Fuel Injectors

Precision Flow Matched by CTS-V Racing

CTS-V Racing recommends fuel injector upgrades whenever vehicles have modified their boost tables through both external, internal and/or software upgrades.

Fuel delivery is a key factor in high horse power applications and should be balanced in accordance with the performance output of modified and tuned vehicles.

When tuning a vehicle nothing can be more frustrating than inconsistent fuel delivery.  This is why V-PERFORMANCE Fuel Injectors are all electronically flow matched to ensure consistent performance throughout their duty cycle.

Available from 52 LB to 92 LB. and are the proper dimension to clear OEM Blower

For proper sizing please contact us before ordering.