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Motorsports attracts a considerable amount of public attention and its popularity continues to increase.   Auto racing in general, is the fastest growing spectator sport in North America.  Marketing in the motorsports arena has been widely accepted among corporate America due to the growth and popularity of racing.  Studies have shown motorsports fans are brand loyal customers that consciously purchase the products and services of businesses involved in motorsports.

Driver, Alan Cohen has several years of race experience and most recently finished an extensive 2013 race season breaking most of his 2012 track records placing 1st and 2nd in all NASA, NARRA and EMRA events he participated in.  The Patriot Missile was on display at several events, including NY AutoFest, and Strong Island Street Wheelz Auto & Bike Show that participated in charity fundraising for some great causes.  Alan already has plans for upgrading the Patriot Missile and improving performance for the 2014 race season and continuing participation in fundraising auto meets.  Just as Alan finished 1st place in the NASA NE Region Time Trials for the TTU Class 2012 race season, Alan will be bringing home another 1st place trophy for the 2013 race season.  

With CTS-V Racing’s repetitive exposure and highly recognizable branding, a sponsorship from your business will be beneficial to both of us.  As a recurrent and dedicated consumer of your company’s products, CTS-V Racing will stand behind the promotion of your company through permanent logo placement on the Patriot Missile, as well as assist in the promotion of your products to other consumers in any way we can.  In addition, sponsors have the option of a website link or additional advertising on our company’s website, social media and forums.  We will gladly distribute any marketing materials you may have available at track events and shows.   If there are any shows or exhibits in which the Patriot Missile can be displayed for product or service promotion, CTS-V Racing will easily make the necessary arrangements to do so.

With your sponsorship, CTS-V Racing is enthusiastic to integrate your brand with us on any level.

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